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Condo Movings Tips and Guide

Understanding Condo Moving Rules in Singapore

Moving into a condo in Singapore requires careful planning and adherence to the condo moving rules set by the respective building owners. These rules are designed to ensure smooth transitions and minimise congestion within the premises. By following these guidelines, tenants can make their move hassle-free and avoid any potential penalties.

Blackout Days: No Moving on Weekends

One of the essential condo moving rules in Singapore is the restriction on moving during weekends. Saturdays and Sundays are blackout days, meaning tenants are prohibited from moving in or out of a condo during these days. Moving is only permitted on weekdays, from Monday to Friday, between 9 am and 5 pm. While some condominiums may allow limited moving on Saturdays until 1 pm, it is crucial to check with individual buildings for any such allowances.

Submitting a Moving Form: Notify the Management

Before moving out of or moving in to a condo, tenants must notify the building management by completing and submitting a moving form. This form, provided by the management, should be filled out at least three days before the moving day. It serves as a formal notification to the management and helps them coordinate the moving process effectively. Along with the form, a security fee is required to cover any potential damage caused during the move. It is essential to note that this fee does not include charges imposed by the chosen Singapore movers.

Certified Movers for Security and Identification

When hiring professional movers, it is crucial to ensure they are certified and recognised by the condo management. Movers must obtain a pass for security purposes, which they should visibly display while on the premises. This identification pass helps maintain a secure environment and ensures that only authorised personnel are involved in the moving process. Additionally, movers should report to the security office upon arrival and departure from the condo premises.

Vehicle Regulations: Following the Specified Route

To prevent damage to the property, vehicles used for moving belongings must adhere to a specific route while driving within the condo premises. This regulation helps minimise any potential disruption to other residents and maintains the overall safety of the building. It is important to note that vehicles exceeding the set height of 2.8 meters are not allowed to access the basement of the condominium. Drivers of such vehicles must park in designated areas within the basement or on the premises.

Timely Notification: Specify the Transfer Time

Tenants are required to inform the building management of the planned date and time for moving their belongings into or out of the condo. This advance notice allows the management to schedule the use of service elevators and service staircases by the movers, ensuring a smooth and efficient moving process. By providing this information, tenants can help avoid any inconveniences or delays during the move.

Proper Disposal of Packing Materials: Keeping the Premises Clean

It is essential to ensure that the movers dispose of packing crates and bags correctly. Tenants should instruct their chosen moving company to dispose of any packaging materials responsibly, without leaving any rubbish behind within or around the condo premises. Failure to do so may result in the immediate suspension of the movers' activities within the premises, along with the cost of disposing of the rubbish.

Tenant Responsibility: Misconduct and Damage

Tenants must understand that they are ultimately responsible for any misconduct or damage caused during the moving process. If the property is damaged while moving belongings, the tenant incurs the associated costs. Additionally, the behavior of the moving crew within the premises is also the responsibility of the tenant. It is crucial to choose a reputable moving company that adheres to professional standards to minimise the risk of damage and ensure a smooth moving experience.


Moving into a condo in Singapore requires careful planning and adherence to the condo moving rules set by the building owners. By understanding and following these regulations, tenants can ensure a seamless and stress-free moving experience. From notifying the management and hiring certified movers to following designated routes and disposing of packing materials responsibly, each step plays a vital role in maintaining a smooth transition.

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