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  • How does Kalm Organise charge?
    At this moment, we are charging based on a minimum of 4 hours on-site organising. Should we need more than 4 hours to complete the project, you will be enjoying discounted per hour rates. Prior to us organising, we will do a complimentary e-consultation to understand your needs and give you a gauge how many hours is required.
  • How do we estimate the time required for the project?
    Some key factors to help us determine this are: 1. The size of the area and amount of items to sort 2. How many stakeholders are involved in this process 3. How much time you need to make decision 4. Do you intent to participate in the process or leave it to us?
  • How do you work?
    Depending on the scope of work and our discussion. Usually once we accept the projects, we will be working in at least team of two to help our client declutter and organise.
  • Do I have to throw my stuff away?
    We’ll help you take control of your clutter, physically sort through tackle piles. The final word is always yours, but we can help you determine what to keep. If you choose to keep it all, we will come up with clever storage solutions to help you stay organise!
  • Do you provide organising supplies?
    We will recommend the organising supplies for you to buy. Alternatively, you can always pay us to purchase it for you. However, if we are to purchase it for you, there will be an additional cost involved to cover for our time and effort. P.S Please do not buy organising supplies in advance, it might/might not be ideal for organising.
  • Do I need to prepare anything?
    Yes! Please prepare some cloths, vacuum, sorting bags, etc. Before we come down, we will send you the checklist of items to prepare.
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