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Embark on a journey of transformation as we showcase the amazing one-month home organizing project for Cordelia's kitchen. Witness the remarkable 'Before' and 'After' videos, highlighting the positive changes we've brought to this cherished space.

Project Type: Moving in

The client approached us just a few days before their move, realizing that due to their busy work schedules and one of them studying for an MBA, they wouldn't be able to unpack and settle into their new home as quickly as they desired. Not wanting to be overwhelmed by the moving process, they made a last-minute decision to engage our services. Our team immediately jumped into action, meticulously unpacking and organizing every item with utmost care and precision. The 'After' photos beautifully showcase the remarkable transformation of their new space, where each item now has its designated place, creating a sense of order and comfort right from the beginning. All of this was accomplished in less than 8 hours!

moving in organising project - before with many boxes
Move-In Organising - New Beginnings.png

Project Type: Storeroom Makeover

Many of our clients are facing challenges with overflowing storerooms, which make it difficult for them to access their belongings. Our main objective is to help them transform their storerooms into functional and easily accessible spaces for both themselves and their families.With clever storage solutions in place, your cabinet now boasts a clean and functional layout that maximizes every inch of space.

store room organising 1.png
store room organising 2.png

Project 3: Kid's Room Makeover

Our client was expecting twins, and before she delivery, she hoped that her eldest daughter would become more independent. However, the situation posed a challenge as the little girl was exceptionally clingy and resisted sleeping in her own room. Worried about her daughter's reliance, our client decided to seek our help. Gratefully, after we organized her room, the daughter started spending more time there, engaging in play, reading books, and studying independently. The room transformation brought about positive changes, fostering the girl's newfound sense of independence.

kids room makeover 1.png
kids book shelf organising.png
kids room makeover 2.png

Project 5: Kitchen Harmony

Despite numerous attempts by our client and her family to organize their space and purchasing various organizing materials, they struggled to maintain a neat and tidy home due to an overwhelming amount of belongings. Seeking a solution, they considered several options and ultimately chose to hire our services, primarily because we were the only ones who promised a same-day handover - a promise we fulfilled without fail.


Our team expertly utilized the client's existing organizing materials and made efficient use of their cabinets to categorize and arrange their belongings, resulting in a significant increase in freed-up countertop space. While minimal items were discarded, our focus was on preserving the client's possessions and ensuring that the countertops remained clutter-free.

Kitchen organising before.png
Kitchen organising after.png
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