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F2F Consultation

With1.5 hours of undivided attention from us, we’ll show you with all the tools and materials you need to make the most efficient use of your living space.

You'll be guided on how to effectively and efficiently organise any space – whether it’s an office, bedroom, or kitchen. 

Ideal for those who need a little help to get started




Let Kalm Organise take the load off your shoulders and help you get it all in order! Our reorganisation services provide a comprehensive solution to make your space peaceful, functional and stylish.

With our same-day handover, it minimizes disruption to your lifestyle.

Ideal for those who have been struggling with organising

Fr $1000


Move in service

Are you ready to move in to your new home, but dreading all the tedious tasks associated with it? Worry no more! Our move in service is here to help make sure that you get your new home ready ASAP.

With our same-day handover, you no longer have to worry and can get your life started with peace of mind.

Ideal for the busy families

Fr $1500


Kalm Organise offers complimentary, no obligation consultations. During this time we will e-tour your space, assess the areas that are causing stress, and identify solutions to improve organisation.


Projects are completed in teams of 2 or more organisers. 

Rates start at $160/hour depending on the number of organisers

Forest Trees


Training Promotion

We are offering a 20% discount on our training sessions. Our training promotion service runs only on the first Saturday of the month. Check your eligibility now to see if you qualify. 

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