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Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Organised people are richer in their time, ideas, and are more mentally empowered.

Take a minute to try this exercise

Step 1

First think of all the potential duplicate purchases in your house, adds up their value, does that cost you a significant amount of money?

Step 2

Next think of all the time you spend frantically searching for your things.

Now, Imagine how much time would be able to save when you designate a space for all your items.

How did it went? Are you satisfied with your answers?

We can't always control the circumstances or outcomes of our lives, but we can shape our environment. Being organised keeps you from buying items you already have and save you tremendous money, time and creates space. With a better, more spacious environment, you will also start to experience change. This change might feel uncomfortable at first (after all, some may say you thrive in mess), but spend some time welcoming the new change.

The practice of living in an organised environment allows us to find ourselves even in times of uncertainty and fear.

After you have adjusted, you will start enjoying the space better, wondering why it brings you so much peace, why didn’t you started on this earlier. Slowly, you will be using things never knew existed until you have decluttered.

P.s One of my client found her carpet that she bought in India years ago, and now it is put to good use in her children’s room.

Another perk - cleaning will also be done in no time!

With cleaning being done so easily, you’re more likely to invite your friends over since it’s tidy and comfortable. You’ll definitely save money versus meeting at Starbucks!

So how do you start organising?

You will have to start to plan where to store your items that makes logical sense to you and your household members when you are moving through the space. Once you have sorted that out, you can improvised it by planning for optimal space utilisation.

When you start categorising things, you subconsciously tidy up your life.

Are you richer now? Maybe not yet.

But first, let's kalm welcome a better standard of living.

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