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Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed and disorganised in your home?

It’s time to take control and simplify your life with our home-organising services 

"It’s no secret that tidying up is a chore for most of us, especially when there’s a lot ... ...

If the decision fatigue is getting to you, then it’s time to hire a professional organiser who can not only remove that burden, but also look at your overall space and give advice on the best way to organise it."

"Hiring a professional organiser can save you precious time and energy, when you’ve tried many times to sort your space out but aren’t moving forward"

"Not all of us have the Marie Kondo gene in us, 

... ...

With their team of house and space organisation consultants, they will work with you to keep what you love and declutter the rest. "

Autumn Foliage

Why Choose us

At Kalm Organise, we understand the importance of a stress-free, organised home


  • Move-in and relocation in 8 hours or less, smaller projects in 4-5 hours

  • We can efficiently organize any space, be it a single kitchen, bedroom, or an entire house, regardless of its size

  • With our same-day completion, you can avoid additional costs for our team to return, and our low lapse rate speaks to the quality of our work

How we work

Whatsapp us

Send us some photos and videos of the space you like us to organise.  Together we will determine your goals and provide you the options to get started with a complimentary cost estimate

Schedule your service

Once we determine your goals, we’ll create a customised organising plan to match your needs


Spend time doing what you need to do while our team creates your dream home

What our clients say

Ping Ong-Coates

I love how Alex helped me to visualize the spaces and furniture pieces I already had with more clarity...


...I feel much more settled having things in place and looking more cohesive.

Zen Garden

We have transformed the way people live

Creating spaces is what we do day in day out as a professional organising company. Our techniques  are designed to maximised storage and efficiency. 


And the best bit? We work autonomously and our turn-around time is less than 8 hours. Perfect for the busy bees.

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